The Strength of HASU ASIA

Hasu Asia is a specialized organization in the field of training and sending Vietnamese workers to work in Japan (labor export focused on the Japanese market). With a team of experienced staff who have worked with Japanese businesses and partners for many years, proficient in the Japanese language, and understanding Japanese culture and working style, Hasu Asia believes it will bring numerous internship and employment opportunities, as well as enhance the skills, abilities, and professionalism of young Vietnamese workforce, benefiting both the laborers and Japanese businesses in Vietnam.

Training Philosophy

Our training objective is to educate students with comprehensive knowledge, guided by the principle
“Study to live and work in Japan”.

Besides, we always emphasize guiding students to change their awareness and mindset, think for themselves, set their own goals, and independently seek knowledge in order to create breakthroughs for themselves

Selection Criteria

Hasu Asia Hasu Asia is constantly recruiting new labor resources, providing foreign language training, vocational skills, as well as essential cultural knowledge to meet the requirements of employers..

With a professional and reputable selection process, Hasu Asia has always been an important partner in Japan and the preferred choice for Vietnamese interns.

Support and care for Technical Intern Training working in Japan

Hasu Asia Hasu Asia regularly visits and provides support to interns throughout their living and working experience in Japan. 

In addition, we regularly communicate and collaborate with the Host Union and Host Company to address any difficulties or challenges that arise during the interns’ stay and work in Japan. .

Programs & Services