After many years of working at Japanese companies in Vietnam and Japan, I have learned and been exposed to the culture, mindset, way of life, work ethic, and business philosophy that I have absorbed.
The development of Japan as it is today is based on the spirit of eagerness to learn, hard work, diligence, and the constant effort to improve oneself. The great achievements that Japan has attained are thanks to the utilization of its most valuable resources: the passion and intellect of its people.
Vietnam and Japan share many similarities in terms of culture, religion, and mindset, and both place great emphasis on trust as the foundation for personal and professional relationships.
With the aim of establishing trade connections between the two countries and enhancing the working skills of young individuals, providing them with exposure to work methods and consciousness, as well as access to the advanced technological achievements of Japan, I seek to improve my own abilities and contribute to the development of my homeland.
      It is for these reasons that I have decided to become a bridge between Vietnam and Japan, to “CREATE A CAREER – REALIZE DREAMS.