Currently, many workers aspire to work in Japan under the Technical Intern Training Program but do not understand what an intern is or how the internship program in Japan operates. In this article, we will clarify the five key things to know about internships in Japan.

  1. What is an intern?

To better understand what an intern is, let’s first look at the Japanese Technical Intern Training Program, also known as the Japanese Technical Intern Training Program. This program is similar to the Japanese overseas employment program.

The program provides an opportunity for workers to experience the work environment in Japan, enhance their skills, and develop their capabilities to secure employment upon their return to their home country.

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The Japanese Technical Intern Training Program helps Vietnamese workers enhance their skills and qualifications in their jobs. The program aims to train competent resources for the development of the economy and industry by transferring technology, job skills, and knowledge from Japan’s advanced production sectors to developing countries.

After completing their study, training, and work in Japan, the interns return to their home country and apply the skills and experiences they have gained to contribute to the development of the domestic economy.

So, what is a technical intern?

A technical intern is a general term for workers who work in Japan under the cooperation program between Vietnam and Japan. Technical interns in Japan not only work but also receive training in specialized knowledge and advanced skills from Japan.

Upon returning to their home country, in addition to the savings accumulated after three years of work, technical interns also gain significant professional experience and have a high chance of finding employment opportunities in Japanese companies.

  1. How much is the salary of a Japanese technical intern?

Currently, the basic salary for technical interns ranges from 120,000 to 160,000 yen per month, equivalent to approximately 25 to 32 million Vietnamese dong per month. This salary depends on the hourly wage when working in Japan. Typically, the hourly wage for technical interns ranges from 650 to 850 yen per hour.

  1. Should you participate in the Japanese technical internship program in 2020?

Currently, many individuals have a desire to work in Japan but are unsure whether they should participate in the technical internship program. As we know, our country’s economy and technology are lagging behind Japan. Many individuals who have completed vocational or university education primarily have theoretical knowledge and limited exposure to new knowledge and technologies.

Especially for those studying in technical fields, Japan can be considered an ideal environment to work and enhance their experiences.


In particular, after working in Japan, the opportunity to find good employment opportunities domestically is very high. Most technical interns, upon returning to their home country, work in Japanese companies or companies with Japanese investment. Many people, after their work experience in Japan, can even teach the Japanese language in their homeland. High income: The Japanese labor market is one of the attractive markets for technical interns, offering opportunities for skill training. Additionally, the labor is well-compensated.

  1. What is the life of a Japanese technical intern like?

Many individuals may think they cannot adapt to life in Japan before going to work there. However, the reality is different. Language barrier is one of the challenges when working in Japan.

Therefore, it is important to improve communication skills before working in Japan, and during the work process, you need to make an effort to communicate with the locals in order to enhance your communication abilities in Japan.

For technical interns living in Japan, the cost of living may be higher compared to Vietnam. However, when working in Japan, technical interns are provided with support from the company, including accommodation and meals near the workplace. Some companies may even provide 100% support for food and daily necessities for technical interns.

With the discipline and seriousness of the Japanese people, working in Japan will help technical interns cultivate their professionalism, such as punctuality, strict adherence to company rules, and a focus on achieving high-quality work results.

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