01. GOVERNMENT SCHOLARSHIP (Monbukagakusho – MEXT Scholarship)

This is the most prestigious and valuable scholarship among all scholarships to study abroad in Japan. Awarded annually by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology ( MEXT ) for outstanding foreign students. Therefore, the requirements for candidates of this scholarship are also very high.

The main subjects of the MEXT scholarship include: students studying abroad on their own and international students who want to study at the school.

To be considered for this scholarship, eligible candidates need to apply to the Japanese Consulate or Embassy in Vietnam through the recommendation of the university. Currently, this type of scholarship is no longer accepted through the Ministry of Education and Training, so those who wish to apply for this type of scholarship need to search for information on the homepage of the Vietnamese Embassy.


02. JASSO (Japan Student Services Organization) SCHOLARSHIPS

As the leading central agency in student support, comprehensively conducts scholarship loan activities, support for international students and student living support.

Jasso is an independent administrative legal entity, directly under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

The scholarship program is for applicants who are currently studying in a language school or college or university in Japan. The scholarship is worth 30,000 Yen/month for international students studying at Japanese language schools and 48,000 Yen/month for international students studying at colleges and universities. For those with outstanding academic achievements, they will receive 80,000 Yen/month.



Scholarship sponsored by the newspaper. This program guarantees part-time jobs for international students with an income of about 25 million/month. If international students do not quit their job within 2 years and do not violate regulations on working part-time in Japan during that time, they will receive a scholarship package worth about 257 million VND (1,782,000 Yen) including fees such as tuition. , Living


This is an annual scholarship awarded to international nursing students, sponsored by the Aoyama Medical Foundation. The scholarship is worth 100% tuition and accommodation for a period of about 4.5 years of university study, including 1.5 years of studying Japanese and 2 – 3 years of studying Japanese nursing.

In addition, during the study period, international students are also facilitated to participate in internships at Aoyama medical facilities with a salary of about 900-1000 yen/hour. Not only that, the corporation also creates opportunities for students after graduation to work in medical facilities with the same remuneration and salary as the Japanese.


The scholarship is granted by JOHO Group – a large corporation operating for a long time in the field of educational development and technology exchange between Japan and many countries in Asia. The group includes a system of institutes in Kyoto and Osaka cities and a system of specialized schools and Japanese language schools.

Every year, the education system of JOHO Group continuously opens a program to recruit students who want to study and work part-time at the institute and students who want to develop this profession in Japan. The JOHO scholarship is a full scholarship with a support level of 800,000 Yen/year (about 160 million VND), corresponding to the tuition fee at the Japanese language school.




Scholarships are awarded annually to Vietnamese international students to support the tuition and expenses of international students with outstanding academic achievements. The number of students receiving full ASEAN scholarships is limited, usually only 50 are eligible.

International students who win this scholarship will receive full tuition support for their first year at a Japanese language school and support for living expenses. In addition, international students are also guaranteed a part-time job with an attractive salary of 900 – 1,000 yen/hour, with this income being enough for international students to cover a lot while studying abroad. Japan. This is also an opportunity for you to research in-depth about your field of study and have the opportunity to experience Japanese culture. After completing the program, students can also work at companies and corporations in Japan with attractive income.


The name of this scholarship program is based on the name of the exam assessing Japanese language proficiency and basic proficiency of foreigners EJU. This exam is held twice annually inside and outside Japan in June and November. Those who achieve excellent results in the exam will receive study promotion scholarships sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

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